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Practice & Revision (2)

Resource type Calculus Refresher
A refresher booklet on Calculus (differentiation and integration)
Resource type Cwrs Gloywi Calcwlws
A Calculus Refresher. This booklet revises techniques in calculus (differentiation and integration). This is a welsh language version

Teach Yourself (1)

Resource type Integration that leads to logarithms
The derivative of ln x is 1/x. As a consequence, if we reverse the process, the integral of 1/x is ln x+c. In this unit we generalise this result and see how a wide variety of integrals result in logarithm functions.

Video (1)

Resource type Integration that leads to log functions
This unit is concerned with integrals which lead to logarithms. Whenever the integrand is fraction with denominator f(x) and numerator f'(x) the result of integrating is the natural logarithm of f(x). This unit illustrates this behaviour with several examples. (Mathtutor Video Tutorial) This resource is released under a Creative Commons license Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works and the copyright is held by Skillbank Solutions Ltd.