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Community Project (1)

Resource type Differentiation for Economics and Business Studies Functions of One Variable (SOURCE)
Latex source, image files and metadata for the Fact & Formulae leaflet "Differentiation for Economics and Business Studies Functions of One Variable" contributed to the mathcentre Community Project by Morgiane Richard (University of Aberdeen) and reviewed by Anthony Cronin (University College Dublin).

Motivating Mathematics (1)

Resource type Millenium Bridge - James Robinson
This mathtutor extension describes the effect of resonance on bridges and how differential equations may be used to calculate the effects. This resource is released under a Creative Commons license Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works and the copyright is held by Skillbank Solutions Ltd.

Test Yourself (1)

Resource type Maths EG
Computer-aided assessment of maths, stats and numeracy from GCSE to undergraduate level 2. These resources have been made available under a Creative Common licence by Martin Greenhow and Abdulrahman Kamavi, Brunel University.