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We have found that the most effective way of using this resource is to try the questions with pen in hand, calculator at the ready, friends by your side etc, but with a serious intent to get the question right! That way, if you do go wrong, you can compare your attempt with our solution and identify where you went wrong. Educationalists call this 'formative assessment'. It is possible you may still be stuck, or simply disagree with us! Try clicking the Related material button for useful links or, even better, ask your teacher. It is quite possible that a question is wrong, so if your teacher agrees you have found an error, ask him/her to please take a screen shot and send it to us (teachers - you should give a prize in this case e.g. a chocolate bar!).

We have added Google's translator facility to the questions. Whilst this is not perfect, it may help you if you are studying in another language, but we advise you not use it if you are studying in English. We do not take responsibility for any inaccuracies in translation.

Good luck!

Martin Greenhow, Abdul Rahman Kamavi and contributing undergraduate and postgraduate students at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Brunel University, UK