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Resource type Mathematical Symbols and Abbreviations
This leaflet provides information on symbols and notation commonly used in mathematics. It shows the meaning of a symbol and, where necessary, an example and an indication of how the symbol would be said. For further information from mathcentre resources, a search phrase is given. This Quick Reference leaflet is contributed to the mathcentre Community Project by Janette Matthews and reviewed by Tony Croft, University of Loughborough.
Resource type Scientific notation
This leaflet explains scientific notation. (Engineering Maths First Aid Kit 1.3)
Resource type Sigma notation
This leaflet explains sigma notation. (Engineering Maths First Aid Kit 2.22)
Resource type Sigma notation
Sigma notation provides a concise and convenient way of writing long sums. This leaflet explains how.
Resource type Symbols
Mathematics provides a very rich language for the communication of concepts and ideas, and a set of powerful tools for the solution of problems. In order to use this language, it is essential to appreciate how symbols are used to represent quantities, and to understand the conventions which have been developed to manipulate them.
Resource type The exponential constant e
The letter e is used in many mathematical calculations to stand for a particular number known as the exponential constant. This leaflet provides information about this important constant, and the related exponential function.
Resource type The modulus symbol
This leaflet explains the use of the modulus symbol in conjunction with inequalities. (Engineering Maths First Aid Kit 2.17)