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Resource type Linear Functions
This is a quick reference leaflet on linear functions.
Resource type The graph of a function
This leaflet reminds students of important conventions associated with graph plotting. It explains the terms dependent variable and independent variable.(Engineering Maths First Aid Kit 3.2)
Resource type The graph of a function
A very useful pictorial representation of a function is the graph. In this leaflet, we remind you of important conventions when plotting a graph.
Resource type What is a function?
A quantity whose value can change is known as a variable. Functions are used to describe the rules which define the ways in which such a change can occur. The purpose of this leaflet is to explain functions and their notation.
Resource type What is a function?
This introductory leaflet explains what is meant by a function, gives functional notation, and some simple examples. (Engineering Maths First Aid Kit 3.1)
Resource type x-y plots
This leaflet explains about how points are plotted on a simple graph. It explains words such as origin, coordinates, axes.