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STACK resources temporarily unavailable

The 12 Teach Yourself booklets which are linked to STACK (System for Teaching and Assessment using a Computer Algebra Kernel system developed by Dr Chris Sangwin at the University of Birmingham) are temporraily unavailable as the STACK system is undergoing a major upgrade).  It is expected that they will be available again in Summer 2013. 



Choose Accessibility on the top right corner of the screen to change the display font size and background colour.  These settings will remain in place until you change them again. 

Accessibility options will not effect the display of individual exercises, diagnostic tests and resources.

An online mathematics course

If you would like to teach yourself or revise mathematics in a structured way at your own pace, access mathtutor where resources are presented in the form of a course.  Choose the subject area you are interested in, for example Arithmetic or Algebra and you will be presented with a number of topics for which there are written resources, video tutorials, online diagnostics to see what you know and online exercises for practice. 

Come back to mathcentre to search for additional resources on any topic.  All mathtutor resources are available individually on mathcentre

Can I link to or download mathcentre resources?

mathcentre resources are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives-NonCommerical licence.  mathcentre are happy for you to either link to our resources from your mathematics resources website or to download where possible.

There are packs of the text based resources (pdfs) which may be downloaded from mathcentre:

  • Practice and Revision booklets
  • Quick Reference leaflets
  • Engineering First Aid leaflets
  • Teach Yourself booklets

These can be accessed by searching (Let me choose) ‘Staff Resources’ for ‘Pack’ or click here.

Although the mathcentre resources are stable and have been for some time, any changes we make will not be picked up by you if you download the resources so we would recommend that you link to mathcentre resources.

It is not possible to download the Video Tutorials or the Test Yourself Exercises and Diagnostic Tests so you will need to link to these.

Please would you credit mathcentre ( on your site or where students access our materials.  This will also enable students to find their own way to mathcentre for additional resources.

Downloading packs of resources

Packs of resources may be downloaded as zip files.  The following packs are available :

Select Save to download the zip file to your computer.

How do I cite a mathcentre resource?

If you need to cite a mathcentre resource, this should be done in the same way that you would cite another web resource, for example:

Author (year) Resource name <url> Date accessed.

How do I find resources ?

Find the mathematics resources most relevant to your needs by selecting from the menu buttons on the left:

  • Course - select the course you are studying followed by the topic you need
  • Topic - choose the topic you are interested in
  • Resource type - choose a resource type and then select the topic you would like
  • Let me choose- search for resources by entering keywords.  Search on a blank keyword to see a list of all resources for your chosen resource type.

Resources and materials may be filtered for students and/or staff when finding resources.

Resources from other projects and universities have been made freely available through the mathcentre site. Select Third party resources or Links to useful websites.

Practising mathematics in mathcentre

mathcentre contains a vast amount of material to enable understanding to be checked through doing examples.  This could be particularly useful during preparation for examinations.  The following resources contain questions with solutions:

  • Practise and Revision booklets contain a huge number of questions to practise algebra, differentiation, calculus and numeracy skills.  Answers are provided.  There is also an interactive version of the Algebra booklet with dynamic links to other mathcentre resources for revision.
  • Teach Yourself booklets cover topics in depth and are interspersed with short exercises with answers.
  • 12 Teach Yourself booklets for differentiation and integration have been linked to the STACK[1] system which enables students to practice on-line appropriate randomly generated questions with worked solutions.  Repeated attempts are allowed.
  • On-line Test Yourself Exercises for a variety of topics allow students to practice examples and obtain solutions.  On-line Test Yourself Diagnostics on the same topics do not provide answers but allow you to determine your competency in a topic through short tests.
  • Quick Reference leaflets are easily accessible double-sided leaflets on specific topics and contain short exercises with solutions.

[1] STACK - System for Teaching and Assessment using a Computer Algebra Kernel system developed by Dr Chris Sangwin at the University of Birmingham



Some components of old mathcentre (such as the diagnostic tests) used ActiveX technology. All these components are now in Flash format making them platform/browser independent. Also, there is no need for ActiveX controls to be installed any more.

Exercises not responding ('freezing')

If you experience mathcentre exercises or diagnostic tests freeze and become non-responsive, please REFRESH the web browser and this should solve the problem.

Limiting your search results

Under “Let me choose”, all resource types have been selected by default. Select only the relevant green tick marks so the search will be limited to chosen resource types.

mathcentre Mirror site

mathcentre ( is hosted by Loughborough University.  A mirror site has now been installed at Coventry University.  If you experience technical problems and are unable to access, you may access the mirror site directly

Updating links

If you are planning to update old mathcentre links to new mathcentre, a spreadsheet is available upon request (email:, which would  enable institutions who have hard coded links to specific resources to update their sites.

Videos, diagnostic tests and exercises

If you experience any problems in playing mathcentre videos, diagnostic tests or exercises, please check if you have Adobe Flash player version (or higher) is installed.

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