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Resource type At-a-Glance - Pharmacy Calculations (SOURCE)
Source files (PowerPoint) and metadata for At a Glance - Pharmacy Calculations (17 leaflets) covering a variety of pharmacy calculations. These resources have been contributed under a Creative Commons licence to the mathcentre Community Project by Dr Matthew Copping, University of Kent and reviewed by Dr Scott Wildman, Medway School of Pharmacy. It is one of a series of 17 resources funded by a sigma Resource Development grant.
Resource type Numerical Quadrature (SOURCE)
This resource covering the Trapezium Rule, Simpsons Rule and an overview of error function has been contributed to the mathcentre Community Project by Josh Simpson and reviewed by Leslie Fletcher, Liverpool John Moores University.
Resource type Nursing Medication Calculation Formulae (SOURCE)
A zip file containing the source files for the Fact & Formula leaflet Nursing Medication Calculation Formulaef' contributed to the mathcentre Community Project by Shazia Ahmed, University of Glasgow and reviewed by Aiping Xu, University of Coventry.