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Resource type A Learning Framework for Basic Mathematics and Statistics in Science
The teaching of mathematics and statistics forms part of a first year module, Scientific Inquiry, which is taken by students on undergraduate science courses. The range of mathematical backgrounds amongst the students is accommodated through a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), supporting student-centred learning. The Case Study describes the philosophy of the module and how this is reflected in its structure, delivery, available materials and use of self-assessment.
Resource type Diagnosis of Mathematical Skills Among Bioscience Entrants
A paper-based diagnostic test of mathematical skills, presented to Stage 1 undergraduates, revealed that entrants encounter difficulties with some of the basic mathematical concepts that are essential if students are to successfully complete a programme of study within the biosciences. Students reacted favourably towards a number of computer-based learning materials aimed at supporting development of their basic mathematical skills through self-directed learning. However, the availability of such resources made no significant difference to the studentsâ?? overall performance in a subsequent test. Some issues and applications are discussed.
Resource type Support Offered to Natural Science Students at Cambridge University
Nine years ago members of staff within Physical Sciences at Cambridge University began recognizing that some students were having problems not only with the Mathematics Courses but also with applying material from A level in the context of their scientific subjects. The mathematics workbook was introduced to assist students with revision prior to starting university. On completion the student is asked to fill in a questionnaire that helps to define the problem areas. This is presented to their supervisor. The supervision system is a fundamental feature of Cambridge teaching and one of its main strengths. The student sees a supervisor â?? most commonly in a group of two undergraduates, sometimes in a group of three and only exceptionally one-on-one â?? to discuss his or her work for at least an hour once a week. Such support is ongoing and essentially provides individual attention to those students who lack fundamental mathematical skills.
Resource type Teaching Mathematics to 'Science with Management' Students Using A Graphic Calculator
The introduction of the graphics calculator has provided the fourth year students taking Science with Management Studies with an interactive learning tool. This case study reviews its introduction into the course Discrete and Continuous Models at Napier University.