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mathcentre community project

Share your mathematics support resources

We encourage the sigma Network and other maths support practitioners or lecturers to add to the mathcentre Community Project contributions.  Contributions to date are here and the associated source files are here.


If you wish to contribute a resource you have authored, you will need to arrange for it to be reviewed by a suitably qualified colleague who will be named on the resource. The resource should be submitted with a Creative Commons licence, keywords and other metadata to enable it to be found easily on mathcentre. This information should be supplied in the Excel template. LaTeX and word templates containing the mathcentre Community Project logo have been created to ensure a common layout for written resources.

We are working on creating new LaTeX and word templates. Please email Emma Cliffe for more information.

Submissions and mathcentre Community Project enquiries should be addressed to:

The mathcentre community project was originally set up with the support of FETLAR.